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Leupold Mark 4 Remington 700 2-piece Tactical Base 59230

Leupold Mark 4 Remington 700 2-piece Tactical Base 59230

Part No. 59230
Leupold Mark 4 Remington 700 2-piece Tactical Base 59230
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Mark 4 8-40 Adaptable Mount:
Large caliber rifles are becoming more and more popular with today’s shooters. Mounting large riflescopes on these firearms with conventional 6-48 screws is not ideal, as the increased recoil and scope weight can over stress screws and lead to possible failures. More rugged, 8-40 screws increase mount strength by 41 percent, and are fast becoming necessary equipment on larger caliber rifles. Leupold’s Mark 4 8-40 Adaptable Mount is the first mount that can accommodate both the beefy 8-40 screw and a modified 6-48 shoulder screw. This mounting system features larger through holes that accept the thicker 8-40 screw, and the standard 6 48 screw has been replaced by a shoulder screw to work with the larger opening. This will give you the flexibility to mount your rifle with the common 6-48 screw size, or drill and tap your gun to accept the 8-40 screws.

MARK 4 8-40 Adaptable Mount Features:

  • Accepts both 6-48 shoulder screws and 8-40 screws
  • Both 6-48 shoulder screws and 8-40 screws are included (6-48 shoulder screws are stronger than standard 6-48 screws; 8-40 screws are 41 percent stronger than standard 6-48 screws)
  • These bases will fit Winchester PBR, Remington Super Magnum, HS Precision, and other 8-40 rifles without modification (some firearms will not work with these adaptable mounts – check current offerings for details)
Mark 4 bases are available for nearly every long-range tactical weapon in use, including:
  • Remington 700, 721, and 725 long and short action models
  • Winchester Model 70, 670, 770, and 70A
  • The Savage 110 through 116
  • The Savage 10 through 16
For (8-40 Adaptable):
•BSA Monarch •Remington 721 Left Hand-Short Action
•Interarms Howa 1500 •Remington 721 Right Hand Long Action
•Mossberg 1500 •Remington 721 Right Hand-Short Action
•Mossberg 1700 •Remington 725 Left Hand-Long Action
•Remington 40X Long Action •Remington 725 Left Hand-Short Action
•Remington 40X Short Action •Remington 725 Right Hand Long Action
•Remington 700 Left Hand-Long Action •Remington 725 Right Hand-Short Action
•Remington 700 Left Hand-Short Action •Ruger M77 Round Receiver
•Remington 700 Muzzleloader •Smith and Wesson 1500 Rifle
•Remington 700 Right Hand Long Action •Tar Hunt RSG 12
•Remington 700 Right Hand-Short Action •Tar Hunt RSG 20
•Remington 721 Left Hand-Long Action
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